We offer sustainability consulting for business, outsourcing of corporate environmental responsibility and planning of cost-cutting projects for companies. Professional ecologists and experts in the field of management work together in our team.

All Good is a social business. We respect the activities of NGOs and we are ready to support them and provide some of our services for free.

sustainability audit and strategy

We calculate how much resources the company spends in money and in trees. Then we develop strategies to reduce costs and environmental footprint.

SUSTAINABILITY training and consulting

We provide advice on sustainable development to the management of companies. We conduct lectures and trainings on eco-friendly topics for employees.

paperless office

We design and implement electronic document exchange systems; reduce paper consumption; optimize business processes.

separate waste collection 

We organize separate waste collection in the office, select a suitable contractor, inform clients and train employees.

green purchases

We analyze existing purchasing items and offer "green" alternatives. We keep a catalogue of eco-friendly merchandise.

sustainable event management

We analyze the event, offer eco-friendly options for souvenirs and consumables. We help with a green PR strategy.

Why become sustainable now? 


An eco-friendly company inspires more trust and loyalty among its customers. You will not only stand out from competitors, but also enjoy success with your clients and your audience on the Internet. Additionally, a McKinsey research shows that sustainable companies perform more effectively in risk-management and value creating.


Sustainability is, first and foremost, a process of saving resources. Therefore, by preserving natural resources, you will also reduce the company's expenditures. For example, a medium-sized office of a small business can reduce its costs by 1.500 euro per year, and an owner of a building — by 10 000 euro.

All Good - eco-friendly agency

Simply put: "eco" means home, our shared planet; "friendly" is something helpful and welcoming. Eco-friendly agency All Good helps Business to become friends with Nature. 

We strive for harmony in the "Business — Nature" combination. In our projects, we simultaneously save natural resources and reduce business expenses. We work on ecologization, resource optimization of business and sustainable development.

E-CARD. our electronic business card

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